V- Seal General Purpose Epoxy Putty

V_Seal General Purpose Epoxy Putty is two component room temperature curing, easy to use multipurpose epoxy putty. V_Seal General Purpose Epoxy Putty is useful in sealing, gripping, joining & insulating variety of surfaces like ferrous and non-ferrous metals, porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, ivory, asbestos, glass, wood , leather, certain plastics etc.

V_Seal General Purpose Epoxy Putty on curing exhibits tough & long lasting bond and sets into a hard mass that can be drilled, filed, taped, machined cut and then painted. It has brilliant electrical insulating properties and the cured product is resistant to moisture, heat, mild acids & alkali.



  • Ideal for sealing blowholes, cracks and leakage in ferrous and non-ferrous casting, pumps and mould boxes etc
  • It gives smooth finish to joints & corners and sealing holes / cracks in wooden and metal patterns
  • Extensively used in Armature (Rotor) balancing application as it bonds strongly even at high speed and elevated motor temperatures.
  • Sealing of water supply mains, storage tanks, concrete sewer pipes, heat exchanger coils etc. Repairing of damaged internal threads of various types of machine pumps
  • Sealing cracks in casings of meters/gear boxes etc. It is the common maintenance tool for every type of repair and maintenance


  • Sealing and insulating cable terminators, cable entries into switchboxes, machines etc
  • Covering and insulating underground and overhead twist-joints of aluminum conductors
  • Used in sealing flanges and cable entry portions of conventional cable-joints / mould to make them moisture-proof
  • Sealing leakage in transformers, oil circuit breakers and other oil filled electrical switchgear equipment
  • Joining metal parts to porcelain parts of suspension insulators and bonding broken porcelain insulators


  • Filling automobile body dents and cracks on the body.
  • It is extensively used in sealing leakage in radiator, diesel/petrol tank, water/fuel pumps, Engine blocks, gear boxes, differential, carburetor, battery casing, muffler, silencer repair, fuel injection pumps etc.


  • In Handicraft to make various molds and sculptures
  • In houses to close ant/cockroach holes, Repairing and sealing leakage in overhead/flush tanks, taps, pipelines etc
  • Filling gaps in aluminum sliding window, channels and concrete
  • To strengthen the hold of screws in the wall, to build wooden articles eaten by white ants or metallic structure affected by corrosion and many other applications


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