VENUS is committed to the core principle of sustainable development widening its association, cherishing the enduring relationships with customers, business partners and associates.

Customer Satisfaction

  • By the implementation of appropriate processes, we ensure that our customers’ needs and requirements will be fulfilled.
  • By long-lasting partnerships we want to build and retain customer confidence.

Error-Free Products and On Time Services

  • Application of new technologies & innovation in research and development, Product design and improvement.
  • Continual control of the manufacturing processes, measurement, control of the products during and after all major manufacturing steps.
  • Continual traceability during all added value processes.

Continual Improvements

  • Specification of the requirements of the products and processes by means of documented specifications, test and process instructions.
  • Permanent measurement, control and supervision of the core processes.
  • Regular quality audits.
  • Regular management reviews to control the adequacy and effectiveness of the systems and processes
  • Integration of all employees into the Quality Management System to encourage their sense of responsibility and to achieve satisfied and motivated employees by means of workshops, training, seminars and exhibitions.
  • Special marking that allows fully traceability back to the compound formulation.