Medium Voltage Heat Shrinkable Cable Joints

up to 36KV from VENUS

These jointing kits have been designed to encompass easy installation, requiring minimal skills, by utilizing leading edge dual extrusion thick wall heat shrink technology.

The kits cater for polymeric straight joints and polymeric to PILC transition joints, and can be used on single and three core cables ranging from 16sqmm to 630sqmm.

Cable Size Kit Code LT/11KV/33KV
3 x 30-70 sqmm HSX 001/111/331
3 x 95-120 sqmm HSX002/112/332
3 x 150-185 sqmm HSX003/113/333
3 x 240/300 sqmm HSX004/114/334
3x 400 sqmm HSX 005/115/335

Each kit comes complete with full installation instructions. All joints are supplied complete with a solderless earth system comprising of constant force springs, tinned copper earth braids, copper mesh tape, galvanised wire mesh tape and worm drive clamps.

This product range has been fully tested to the requirements of VDE 0278, CENELEC HD629.1S1 and IEC 60502. Parts 1-4.

Polymeric to PILC Transition Joints

The transition joint kits are designed for use on single and three core PILC (belted or screened) to polymeric cables up to 36kV. These transition joints utilise unique dual wall insulating/semi-conductive and stress control thick wall heat shrink tubings to eliminate the craft sensitive taping procedures.