Medium Voltage Heat Shrinkable Cable Terminations

up to 36KV from VENUS

These termination kits are suitable for use on single and three core polymeric cables ranging from 16sqmm to 1000sqmm.

Each kit comes complete with full installation instructions. The terminations are designed to minimise the tail length, and are supplied with solderless earth kits.

These terminations are suitable for use on ABC cablesand in all environment including high contamination.

This product range has been fully tested to the requirements of VDE 0278, CENELEC HD629.1S1, and IEC 60502.Parts 1-4.

A range of accessories such as Right Angle and Straight Anti-Track Bushing Insulating Boots are also available to compliment these heat shrinkable terminations.

Terminations for PILC cables are available on request.

Cable Size Kit Code LT/11KV/33KV
3 x 30-70 sqmm HSX 001/111/331
3 x 95-120 sqmm HSX002/112/332
3 x 150-185 sqmm HSX003/113/333
3 x 240/300 sqmm HSX004/114/334
3x 400 sqmm HSX 005/115/335