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Venelec Electromech Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Cable Jointing Systems and terminations suitable for PVC/PILC/XLPE Cables of LT 1.1 KV upto 33 KV voltage grade.

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To maintain the continuity of Cable especially for long length, the cable jointing systems came into existence.

VENUS offers a comprehensive range of Heat Shrinkable/Cast Resin Cable Jointing Systems upto 33 KV aimed at the local and export markets.


For connection of Cable to Switchgear Terminal, Transformer Terminal, Poles etc, Termination kits are required.

VENUS offers The Heat Shrinkable Termination kits can be Indoor or Outdoor based on actual application.


V_Seal General Purpose Epoxy Putty is two component room temperature curing, easy to use multipurpose epoxy putty.

V_Seal General Purpose Epoxy Putty is useful in sealing, gripping, joining & insulating variety of surfaces like ferrous and non-ferrous metals, porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, ivory, asbestos, glass, wood, leather, certain plastics etc.


The cable jointing systems and terminations meet the requirements of various national and international standards IS 692, IS 694, IS 7093, IS 13573, DIN Standards, UK Engineering recommendations C-81, VDE 0278, IEC 502, IEEE-48. The products have Type Test Approval from CENTRAL POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE, INDIA